Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2
Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2
Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2 inside front image
Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2
DJ Weird Beard - Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2 "DJ Style Scratch Sox"
Freelove Records [FLEP07]
tracks: 5  length: 39:41  Release Date: November 14, 2016
Celebrating Twenty Scratchteen with another funky dope DJ Weird Beard joint!
28 more breaks records arranged with only their cover images in mind.
The 7 of row one were used to make track one, the seven of row two for track
two, etc. At least one beat and/or sample is used from each record and ONLY
sounds from these records are heard on the e.p.
Track 5 is a special treat in the traditional Fortyone style.
Much more including artwork printing instructions can be found in the entire
release download. Donald Trump was elected President during the production
and he can be heard on track one. In case you're interested in that and why
wouldn't you be, everyone loves Donald Trump right?
Enjoy the e.p.!
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Keep On Scratching!
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