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"Records On My Wall E.P.#3 [A Rainbow]"
Freelove Records (FLEP 03)
tracks: 5  length: 21:41
Release Date: March 13, 2007
Help Yourself:
Row 1: I Like Cuckoo Nuts  5:47
(mp3) (stream)

Row 2: Let's Get Cracking  3:33
(mp3) (stream)

Row 3: I Do Not Exist  4:39
(mp3) (stream)

Row 4: Yes!  1:30
(mp3) (stream)

leftovers: I Won A Bra  3:30
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Every song is made from the
records you see on the wall. Track
1 from the first row, track 2 from
the second row, etc...
Much more information is provided
in the liner notes
inside 1
inside 2
if you're printing the artwork use
one piece of paper and print "inside 1"
on the opposite side of "front cover"
and "inside 2" opposite "back cover"...
And use as an "insert" in a "slimeline"
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