Fortyone - Orange Grass For Gam
Fortyone  "Orange Grass For Gam"
Freelove Records (FLUV008)
tracks: 42  length: 79:54  Release Date: November 9, 2004
1. A Great Big Howdy                                             2. Kawliga
3. Remember                                                         4. Laugh
5. Everything's Alright                                             6. Let's Sing A Song
7. I Love Ducks                                                       8. Hank Williams!
9. A Wise Thought For The Day                             10. I Love You
11. Oaooo!                                                             12. Iced Tea
13. Free At Last                                                      14. Yeah Happy Fun Smile Horn
15. So Jet On In June's Halo                                  16. Strange As It Seems
17. Orange Grass Music                                          18. I Don't Understand
19. Where Ever You May Be                                    20. Still Yet Another Short Story
21. Forty Something                                                22. I Do Wonder
23. Rootie Tootie                                                    24. I'll Be Your Baby Forever
25. Train Whistle                                                     26. Howdy Friends
27. Not Clementine                                                 28. Milkshake Face
29. I Saw The Light                                                 30. Ace Of Diamonds
31. Everybody Square Dance                                  32. Alcohol Humour
33. Quantum Taoism                                               34. Coloring
35. Saddle Hymn                                                     36. Flowing Undivided Wholeness
37. Jesus Knew It                                                      38. The Gator Lost His Mind
39. We Drift Like A Wave                                          40. Honky Tonking
41. I Miss You                                                           42. Love Ya, See Ya
A rompin' good, down home, knee slappin'
fiddle pickin', honky tonkin' country hootenany!
That's right, this album is
made entirely from
country & western
(mostly classic country &
and bluegrass samples.
Get a load of the list of all 122 sample sources.
Dedicated to Gam.
liner notes
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