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Fortyone - "For Crazy People"
Freelove Records (FLUV025)
tracks: 41 length: 78:02 Release Date: June 22, 2010
More focus on connecting the tracks more
than transitionally, less on added samples but
they're still there, and no focus at all on sanity.
Elvis Aaron Presley to Elaine Curzio.
If you're even a little crazy
you should enjoy this mix.
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1. Intro 0:42
2. Horny With A Chick by Joe Aufricht 1:03
3. Here We Go by Ruckus Roboticus 1:58
4. I Can't Believe It's Not Fabio! by TV Sheriff & The Trail Buddies 1:52
5. Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley 0:31
6. Hot Dog by Elvis Presley 1:10
7. I'm A Little Weenie by Sheriff John 2:45
8. Hot Dog! by They Might Be Giants 2:41
9. Do It Like A Dog by Dean Milan 2:24
10. A Word Of Vice by Funki Porcini 0:42
11. Enough by The DBC 2:42
12. Farewell Alice by Funki Porcini 2:36
13. Salvation Barmy by MC Paul Barman 2:09
14. Cincinnati Dancing Pig by Big Jon Arthur 1:56
15. Apples And Bananas by Lawrence Welk 2:00
16. Cutters Choice by Space Raiders 2:25
17. Psyche Rock by Les Yper-Sound 2:21
18. My Friend Sunshine by Pilesar 2:09
19. Charles Bukowski & Astralasia Mix by Bart Furp 1:36
20. Who's Next by Tom Lehrer 1:52
21. Don't Be Scared by Daniel Johnston 2:14
22. Magical Box by Elaine Curzio 1:59
23. Easy Rider by Scott Dunbar 2:21
24. Uptown by The Chambers Brothers 2:17
25. Movment In Still Life by BT 2:30
26. Music To Watch Girls By by The Bob Crewe Generation 2:31
27. Jobs I'd Like To Have by Eddie Furman 3:14
28. Crazy Music by Ottawan 2:54
29. mpf (Mezzo Pianoforte) by Fantastic Plastic Machine 2:08
30. Saora Wedding Song (collected)by Nazir A. Jairazbhoy 0:41
31. Iko Iko by The Dixie Cups 1:55
32. The Duck Egg Walk by Milford Perkins 2:06
33. The Big Black Hat by Rolf Harris 1:49
34. Carrot Stew by Larry Groce & The Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus 1:13
35. A Little More by Little T & One Track Mike 2:52
36. Fly MC by Special Ed 2:27
37. I'm Such A Small Thing by Funki Porcini 1:28
38. Lonsome For A Letter by Sanford Clark 1:40
39. Lullaby by Daniel Johnston 0:24
40. Good-by Song by Lois Prante Ellis & Lois Cummins 1:04
41. excerpt of The J&H Productions Tape by J&H Productions // Outro 0:41
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