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Fortyone  "Spoken Word Duets 2"
Freelove Records [FLUV024]
tracks: 11 length:  41:10  release date: June 4, 2010
Robin Williams & Jesse Jackson warn us about
George Bush offering drugs to Goldilocks.
What more do you need to know? Every sound on
each track comes exclusively from the two albums
listed, it's much better than the first one, and I'm
going to become the magic turkey.
The entire release zip file is highly recommended.
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The Soupy Secret - Soupy Sales & Earl Nightingale 5:02 [mp3]
Mark Up - Wildman Steve & Hal Holbrook 3:57 [mp3]
The Lovable Evening - Groucho Marx & Foster Brooks 3:33 [mp3]
Our Reality Concept - Jesse Jackson & Robin Williams 4:24 [mp3]
The Sweetest Poetry - Bob Moore & Rod McKuen 5:00 [mp3]
Pick Zen - Sandy Baron & John Gimenez 3:21 [mp3]
Outer Space Child - Robert Klein & Rev. Bill Riddick 3:49 [mp3]
Instant Popcorn - Jimmy Nelson & Rich Little 2:37 [mp3]
Countdown To Earth - Lou Alexander & Hal Lindsey 3:14 [mp3]
My Poems Reach - Richard Simmons & James Mason 0:20 [mp3]
Crown's Mindlessness Fog - W.C. Fields & Leroy Jenkins 2:37 [mp3]
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