"Something That Gives Amusement"
Freelove Records (FLUV023)
tracks: 29  length: 79:52
Release Date: May 5, 2010
A tour de fun with plenty of fun pon de roar, de swing,
praise for the lord, and what's more; enough funky
drum breaks to make the most unfun human soar onto
the floor... where it is wise to spread the legs wide
while unwise to dwell on those who despise and
persecute you. Besides, it's better to get odder than
even and even I know I'm a heathen. Elaborate dance
constructions, cut-up noise, sound effect/poetry
combustions, country, jazz, '80s, language rhythms for
babies, something for everyone and no one, folk, big
band, big beat, and big fun!
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