I Am Not What I Am front cover
I Am Not What I Am back cover
Fortyone  "I Am Not What I Am"
Freelove Records (FLUV021)
tracks: 28  length: 79:42
Release Date: April 1, 2009
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1. Apple Juice (4:01)
2. Magnificent (3:46)
3. Orange Circles (2:03)
4. Lovely & Pretty (1:41)
5. Note From Bruce (0:55)
6. Toluca Lake (4:37)
7. Fortyone Religion (7:00)
8. All Anybody Really Knows (1:01)
9. I Like Music (2:25)
10. Fortywonderful (3:41)
11. Love Mess (2:02)
12. You Don't Do It (4:30)
13. Nevermind (0:48)
14. Our Words Have Wings (3:23)
15. Nothing Rhymes With Orange Or Purple (0:52)
16. My Two Favorite Colors (4:25)
17. Funkitific (2:16)
18. George Washington Meets Mrs. Rabbit (4:30)
19. In Case You Were Wondering (0:41)
20. Yet Even More Announcements (1:58)
21. I Am Not What I Am (3:45)
22. F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fun (0:14)
23. One Little Quirk (3:23)
24. Lisa's My Favorite (2:14)
25. Sound Collage Scat (3:14)
26. This Is The Best (0:41)
27. Fun With Come (1:20)
28. For Nothing (2:02)
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Remember ladies...
Fortyone will flatten your heads
I'm not what I am and you can be too!
You'll hear golden radio, Tad Ghostal, white lines,
Bob the Baptist, Soupy Sales, Little Marcy, Rich
Little, Lenny Bruce, jazz, Tennessee Ernie Ford,
Neil Diamond, Peter Pan, Fats Waller, Billy Joel,
colors, bass, a hilarious short story, Captain
Hook, Jerry Falwell, great guitar, fun, Psalty, The
Simpsons, Tom Glazer, commercials, the word
come, Ma Perkins, among so much more that if I
listed it all that's all I'd do.
Or you won't. But one thing's for sure...
I am NOT what I AM.