Fortyone - Spoken Word Duets
Fortyone "Spoken Word Duets"
Freelove Records (FLUV015)
tracks: 11  length: 41:06  Release Date: July 7, 2006
I Started Out As a Nightclub - Bill Cosby & Dr. Van Impe
Opprotunity Inside - Shelley Berman & Chet Huntley
God of Comedy - Gertrude Behanna & Jonathan Winters
A Whole Lotta Freedom - Redd Foxx & Ronald Reagan
Just For The Coming - David Wilkerson & Andy Griffith
The Courtship Concert - Lenny Bruce & C. Sumner Wemp
I Used To Be Mr. Kelly - David Banks & Woody Allen
Confucius Makes Love - Nipsey Russell & Jerry Falwell
Hello Teenagers! - Don Lonie & Don Rickles
Comedian Here - Richard Pryor & Eddie Murphy
An Awful Crazy, Giddy Madman - Steve Martin & George Carlin
Stand-up comedians, preachers, good old
Sherrif Taylor, Chet Huntley, and one former
president. How can you go wrong?
Each track is made entirely from sounds
made by the people listed or found on their
albums, one album each, except for a few
seconds of drums at the begining of track one.
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